An exhibition of artwork produced by local children will go on display at a community theatre.

Artistsmeet will hold the school art exhibition titled Oceans 14, in partnership with the Youth Council and Watford Recycling Arts Project (WRAP), at Watersmeet from Tuesday, June 11, to Monday, July 8.

Taking care of the environment and raising awareness about our consumption of plastic has been at the forefront of the Youth Council’s mission this year. The spectacular artworks on display at the exhibition have been made reusing items that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

WRAP has delivered lively recycling art workshops to over 2,000 children, spreading the eco-message and their creativity along the way. Bringing all of the artwork from 14 schools together, they have created a collaborative seascape and chandelier to fill the gallery space.

Cllr Alex Michaels, Chairman of the Youth Council, said: “I’m so excited that 14 schools have taken part in a project to protest about the use of single-use plastics, by each making a section of recycled plastic seascape, drawing attention to the damage it does.

"Each year we use more and more unnecessary plastic, and it does huge damage at sea, taking hundreds of years to break down on land and often becoming micro plastic particles, which is even more damaging. This piece of artwork will draw peoples’ attention to the reality. ”

The work will be celebrated at the Youth Council’s annual event at Watersmeet on Monday, June 17.

The schools involved are: Arnett Hills, Little Green, Shepherds, Maple Cross, Malvern Way, St Peter’s, St Mary’s, Rickmansworth Park, St John’s, Eastbury Farm, Sarratt, Yorke Mead, Christchurch, The Russell