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Clive Jones says the Beryl Bikes scheme is evidence that local councils can be effective

Letter: Would the creation of a super-borough help solve our issues?

I can’t match the eloquence of Joe Moore’s letter in the Observer (Dissolving councils, July 24), but I totally agree with him: making Hertfordshire a unitary authority and abolishing local councils would reduce local democracy. This at a time when the government claims to support it! So much for the Government’s so-called localism agenda. So much for their stated desire (I quote) to put power “back into the hands of local councils, communities and individuals”.

John Maguire is concerned about the future of the NHS

Letter: There is no safety net for the NHS in US trade deals

Three years ago, a historic milestone was reached in the United States. The healthcare sector became the country’s largest employer, surpassing the manufacturing and retail industries, the jobs powerhouses of the 20th Century. These companies are taking an active interest in the negotiations between the US and UK governments on a potential free trade agreement.