I’m writing to tell you about my grandson. Like Erica Marks (‘Fined shopper blames “faulty” parking system’, January 30), he got a ticket from ParkingEye.

On January 16 he was seen going into Borehamwood Shopping Park at 1.40pm and not going out until 4.40pm. But he went to his girlfriend’s work at Clark’s, had lunch with her, then went back to work. When he finished work he went home, then at 6.30pm went back to the shopping park to pick his girlfriend up.

So something has gone wrong. We checked up that he was at work — although we know he was, we still made sure.

He has to pay £50 by today, which is wrong as he’s on minimum wage.

Something has to be done. We should go back to getting tickets.

The shopping park is making money out of people. When I phoned, they didn’t want to know.

How can people be treated like this? There is no way my grandson would have been in the car park for five hours.

If they check the cameras they might see he goes everyday to see his girlfriend for lunch and picks her up at night.

The fines should be checked. This is not fair.

M Vincent, Thirsk Road, Borehamwood