A bad use of £6 million

9:46am Friday 18th November 2011

I was interested to read the letter from David Lloyd.

This encourages the criminals

9:42am Friday 18th November 2011

I note that many street lights in Borehamwood are being turned off from midnight to early morning.

It is right that we pay tribute

9:35am Friday 18th November 2011

As another Remembrance Sunday passes, it is important to note how significant an event it is.

Making plans for a new era

2:28pm Friday 11th November 2011

I would like to take the opportunity to address the issues concerning the proposed sale of the Maxwell Park Community Centre site.

Darkness leaves us vulnerable

2:29pm Friday 11th November 2011

I would like to share my concerns about the switching off of our street lights from 11.50pm until approximately 6am.

U-turn would be welcomed

9:47am Friday 21st October 2011

This week has seen the fifth anniversary of the sudden closure at a few hours notice of Radlett Fire Station on October 16, 2006.

Democracy is not well served

9:16am Friday 21st October 2011

We totally agree with the views of Councillors Hannah David and Andrew Goldstein (‘We understand your concerns’, Your Views, October 14).

Consider effect on community

9:13am Friday 21st October 2011

Following a public meeting on Wednesday, October 12, about the future purpose of the Threeways Community Centre and Arundel Social Club, I am extremely concerned.

Soldiers’ song

10:09am Friday 14th October 2011

The official Poppy Appeal single for 2011 is the poignant I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You, performed by the Soldiers with Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb, It is the first time serving soldiers have released the official single for the appeal.

We understand your concerns

10:07am Friday 14th October 2011

The Coalition Government’s recent proposals to change planning laws have caused a great deal of debate and concern.

Rules are steps towards success

10:05am Friday 14th October 2011

I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks to the headteacher of Hertswood School, Jan Palmer Sayer, and her staff.

Sacrifices must be remembered

11:01am Friday 7th October 2011

As we approach another Remembrance Sunday, the number of people in Britain who have experienced a world at war has, naturally, lessened.

Pictures of lost servicemen

10:59am Friday 7th October 2011

I am acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea, where more than 800 British servicemen are at rest.

Producing good citizenship

10:58am Friday 7th October 2011

The letter published on behalf of John Cartledge (‘Policy is cause of this crisis’, Your Views, September 30), is a shameful attempt to demonise sectarian education by linking this right of choice with the incompetence of the politicians of yester year.

Policy is cause of this crisis

12:02pm Friday 30th September 2011

The “transport crisis” faced by Hertsmere Jewish Primary School (‘School facing transport crisis’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, September 23) is the product of failures in both planning and education policies.

Approval would be a disaster

12:00pm Friday 30th September 2011

Regarding the planning application submitted to add two additional retail outlets to the shopping park, I would like to offer my support to Caroline Cooney and the residents of Clarendon Road (‘No through road’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, September 23).

The world is a sadder place

9:26am Friday 23rd September 2011

I was sad to hear of the passing away of Barbara Cass last week. She was the wife of Pat Cass and between them they did so much for this community and indeed won an award from Hertsmere Borough Council for their hard work. They were two of the most respected people in Borehamwood.

No empathy for fears of drivers

9:24am Friday 23rd September 2011

To the person responsible.for the delay in putting the lights back on at Stirling Corner.

Politics for the community

9:23am Friday 23rd September 2011

Regarding the meeting of residents at the Three Ways Community Centre (‘Political rivals clash over social club bar’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, September 16), Morris Bright has once again missed the point.

Three Ways Centre: There was no council money

1:11pm Friday 16th September 2011

The article that appeared in last week’s Borehamwood & Elstree Times stated the Three Ways Community Centre received funding in 1999 from Hertsmere Borough Council to run a community centre and bar. (‘Outrage at poor turnout,’ September 9.) The Three Ways Community Association has never received funding from any source to provide its vital and much needed leisure and entertainment services for the residents of Borehamwood.

Stirling Corner: Common sense must prevail

1:09pm Friday 16th September 2011

Today I received a ‘Stakeholder’s letter’ from Transport for London (TfL) entitled: Notification of Stirling Corner Traffic Signal Removal Trial Extension.

Stirling Corner: Cost of lights is worth paying

1:07pm Friday 16th September 2011

I read with dismay the decision by TfL to carry out further trials before switching the signals back on at Stirling Corner.

A pleasant ride by the brook

4:18pm Friday 19th August 2011

I just wanted to say how much nicer it is to cycle down the path at the side of the brook now the curbs have been lowered.

Thanks for all your support

4:15pm Friday 19th August 2011

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has come out in support of the police in the aftermath of the recent horrific events.

More helpers are needed

4:13pm Friday 19th August 2011

We are looking for volunteers to help at Borehamwood Seniors Club which meets every day at Fountain Court Brooke Road Borehamwood from 10am to 3pm. Around ten to 15 senior citizens meet daily to chat, do various activities and have lunch. We need volunteers to support the paid worker so that users can achieve the maximum benefit. We know that people are very busy with their own lives and that many do already give their time on a voluntary basis but we do need help. If you can only give one morning or afternoon a month to go on a rota that is fine. If you would like to know more or feel you can help please contact one of the local councillors who are on the committee at the civic offices in Borehamwood, who are: Councillor Ann Harrison, Councillor Di Hoeksma, Councillor Sandra Parnell and Councillor Pat Strack.

We must give them respect

4:11pm Friday 19th August 2011

Would the council please consider offering the keys to the borough of Hertsmere to the armed forces?

Loss will affect many families

11:08am Friday 29th July 2011

In response to the letter ‘Centre must be open to all’ (Your Views, July 8) regarding the closure of Three Ways Community Centre, I have emailed the council the below with no reply (surprise surprise). Maybe this letter will prompt a response?

Knighthood must be due?

10:57am Friday 29th July 2011

Josh Darlington reported the praise for our MP on his performance before the Home Affairs Select Committee investigating the ongoing News of the World scandal (‘Hacking inquiry’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, July 22).

Scheme needs a major rethink

12:05pm Friday 22nd July 2011

From July 31, Hertsmere Borough Council is cutting one-hour free parking in front of the shops in Watling Street, Radlett, to half-an-hour and introducing a charge of 20 pence for an hour in an attempt to speed up the turnover of cars.

Money’s too tight to gamble

12:03pm Friday 22nd July 2011

thought it was April Fools Day again when I read ‘Council debates lottery game plan’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, July 1.

The council should listen

12:01pm Friday 22nd July 2011

I write in response to the article ‘Centre must be open to all’ Borehamwood & Elstree Times, July 8.

Consultation is needed here

11:58am Friday 22nd July 2011

I am delighted to hear that Hertsmere Borough Council will be refurbishing the Three Ways Centre.

If I’d known, I’d have gone to it

10:49am Friday 8th July 2011

I have just read your the article (‘Market to shut up shop’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, June 24.) Until Sunday July 3, I hadn’t realised there had been a market in Newberries car park. I normally walk to the shops, but I happened to need to park there on Sunday and saw a very small notice about the market.

Keep the green free of mess

10:47am Friday 8th July 2011

The residents of Tamar Place and surrounding area are fortunate enough to have the lovely open green area in Shakespeare Drive.

Centre must be open to all

10:44am Friday 8th July 2011

I write in response to some of the issues and concerns raised following the council’s proposals to refurbish Threeways Community Centre. (‘Save our bar’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, July 1.) I am disappointed that some centre users feel the overhaul is a negative thing and felt it might be helpful to clarify the following: The community centre hasn’t been refurbished for ten years. There are a number of repairs which need to be carried out on the building and so it is a better use of council tax payers’ money to make other improvements at the same time. This refurbishment will take approximately ten to 12 weeks.

Pets are not mere prizes

1:04pm Friday 1st July 2011

My partner and I attended Shenley Fete last weekend and were astounded that one of the stalls was giving away goldfish as a booby prize.

Pity about the marketing

1:00pm Friday 1st July 2011

My husband and I were disappointed to read about the unsuccessful trial of the farmer’s market in Radlett (‘Market to shut up shop’, Borehamwood & Elstree Times, June 24).

You helped my wife so much

9:34am Friday 24th June 2011

I would just like to say a big thank-you to the young lads who helped my wife who took a bad fall in Arundel Drive, on the corner of Featherstone Gardens, on the evening of Saturday June 11.

So grateful for your assistance

9:33am Friday 24th June 2011

People are quick to jump on schoolchildren when they have done something wrong and I believe in giving credit where it’s due.

Enthralled by brilliant design

9:30am Friday 24th June 2011

Potters Bar Flower Club was delighted to welcome the return of a much-favoured demonstrator, Joyce Furssedon, with her theme of Images of Nature, earlier this month.

Their struggle to survive

9:24am Friday 24th June 2011

I would like to draw the attention of Borehamwood & Elstree Times readers to the desperate plight of our native hedgehog.

Thank you for your care

1:45pm Friday 10th June 2011

I would like to say a big thank you to two ladies for the help they gave me on Sunday, May 22, in the Iceland store.

Reclaim our pavements

1:44pm Friday 10th June 2011

It is unfortunate to know that Morpeth Avenue and nearby roads are not the only ones subject to anti-social behaviour of vehicle drivers by parking on the pavement, often with all four wheels, when they are only licensed to be on the road.

We were forced to walk instead

1:43pm Friday 10th June 2011

On Tuesday, May 24, I was waiting at the bus stop going into Borehamwood in Elstree Way near the junction with Manor Way. I had waited for more than half an hour before I saw the bus come round the corner. I put out my hand in the approved fashion, the bus driver saw me, slowed down and then deliberately drove past — the problem was he had seen my dog.

Many oppose bloodsports

9:20am Friday 3rd June 2011

Polling by YouGov for the League Against Cruel Sports to coincide with National Shooting Week (May 28 to June 5) has shown 61 per cent of the public think it’s unacceptable to shoot live animals for “sport”.

Have your say over this trial

9:18am Friday 3rd June 2011

The difficulties experienced by motorists and pedestrians at Stirling Corner and the decision to trial switching off the part-time traffic lights at the junction has generated a great deal of concern.

‘Crocodile tears’ don’t fool me

9:17am Friday 3rd June 2011

I agree with Councillors Bright and Cohen in regretting the “democratic deficit” created by the absence of Liberal Democrat candidates from most local wards in the recent Hertsmere elections (‘Two party is normal state’, Your Views, May 27).

Now time to face reality

9:15am Friday 3rd June 2011

I am happy to respond to Fran Metcalfe and explain the stance of the Elstree and Borehamwood Green Belt Society over the new unit for disabled children being built in Aldenham Country Park (‘Puzzled by new development’, Your Views, May 20.) We support it. I was at the meeting in Allum Hall, and heard the Herts County Council representative express the council’s wish to avoid the expense of running the park.

Thanks for all your respect

9:52am Friday 27th May 2011

I would like to thank the press, residents and community groups for the kindness and respect they have shown me over the past year in my position as Mayor of Hertsmere.

Two party is normal state

9:48am Friday 27th May 2011

We write with reference to a letter in last week’s paper ‘We have lost an important voice’, Your Views, May 20, in which a resident expressed disappointment that there were no Liberal Democrats left on Hertsmere Borough Council.

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