A homeless couple say they now have "absolutely nothing" after thieves stole all their valuables from a rented council garage.

Mahood Ahmad and his wife Naeema-Jamal were shocked to find their belongings had disappeared from the garage in Broughinge Road, Borehamwood, which belongs to Hertsmere Borough Council.

The couple have been living in the Ibis Hotel, in Elstree Way, Borehamwood, since they became homeless on January 10, and rented the garage because they had nowhere else to keep their belongings.

Thieves ransacked the garage in the early hours of Saturday March 18, and stole a number of valuble belongings including jewellery, watches and silver dinnerware.

Mr Ahmad, 64, said: “I’m upset and angry. We have absolutely nothing. Our whole lives were in that garage and now it is all gone.”

Mr Ahmad also said there was oil on the floor of the garage and the thieves used the couple's stored clothes to clean their feet.

He said: “My wife was so upset and she was in tears. We have lost everything and we can’t even dress ourselves.”

Mrs Ahmad said: “I’m absolutely devastated when I saw it. I don’t how someone could do this.

“It’s not just the money value of items, but what they mean to us.”

Mr Ahmad believes there was not enough security around the garages and it made them an easy target for thieves.

The couple are also worried their identity will be stolen, as sensitive documentation was also taken in the theft.

Mr Ahmad said: “We just don’t know what to do now. We just hope we will find somewhere to live so we can sort through our belongings.”