A STEEL-mounted mural outside Elstree and Borehamwood Station is capturing the attention of commuters this week as works near completion.

Last week, resident and member of the Elstree Screen Heritage Society Bob Redman challenged passers-by not to be impressed by the new addition.

He said: "We hope when the whole thing goes up people will say 'wow'."

Today, as the final figures are installed, Mr Redman was thrilled to see the reactions he was hoping for.

While seated outside the station, Mr Redman witnessed at least two pedestrians stop by the mural to take photographs before passing by, and many others turned their gaze to the work with interest.

"Last week, we said people were going to say 'wow', now you see people reacting to it and it really is something special," added Mr Redman.

The mural is part of the First Impressions Project, headed by volunteers from the Elstree Screen Heritage Society.

The project has already seen Hollywood-style stars installed at the station forecourt and banners of iconic films made in the area, hoisted above Shenley Road.