You would expect to see Hollywood stars strutting their stuff down Rodeo Drive or sunbathing on a beach on Los Angeles.

But you might not expect to see Baywatch star Pamela Anderson at our very own Starbucks, in Shenley Road, Borehamwood.

Pamela, who starred alongside David Hasselhoff in the hit show, walked into the coffee house to order a tall skinny mocha with no cream – to go – at 8.15am this morning. 

She is in town for the launch of Dancing on Ice, which starts on Sunday and is broadcast from nearby Elstree Studios.

The store was empty when Starbucks manager Vicky Karlsson served the actress her drink.

She said: “I was not sure if it was her at first but when she opened her mouth to speak, she had a very strong southern states accent.

“I was surprised. I suppose you could say I felt a bit star struck. When I woke up this morning, the last thing I expected to do today was make a drink for Pamela Anderson.

“After she left a few customers came in and I said – you will never guess who I just made a drink for.

“It is such a shock. I have never seen a celebrity let alone made a drink for one, so I am feeling very excited today.”

Pamela, who also played herself in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, was wearing a white knitted cardigan, jeans and sunglasses and was with a female friend.

Vicky added: “She was really polite and said thank you when I handed her the drink. I still cannot believe it.

“I have looked back at the CCTV and can see myself talking to Pamela Anderson – but we cannot realise the images without a police warrant.”

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