Commuters have been left disappointed after “drastic” changes were made to their bus timetable.

The first B3 of the day, which runs from Organ Hall Road to Well End, has been moved from 7.15am to 6.50am.

The second bus of the day is at 7.25am – too late for some users to get into work.

Caroline Pitrakou, of Milan Court, Borehamwood, works in London Bridge and used to catch the 7.15am bus from Studio Way to Elstree & Borehamwood station to take an early morning service into London.

The project manager said: “It causes me so much personal stress in the mornings as I no longer get to the station in time my train, making me 45 minutes late for work.

“My journeys have been a nightmare as the only trains I can catch are all rammed with rush-hour passengers. The 6.50am bus is far too early for me.

“Walking to the station with my laptop bag in the morning will be exhausting and daily taxis are expensive. This is a drastic change.”

The mother-of-two is also angry over the cancellation of the last bus of the day, at 6.40pm, as she now has to rely on a lift from the station after work.

Under the new timetable, there is now one bus per hour after 9am, as opposed to two.

Denise Murray, who works in Monument in the city, is disappointed that the first bus of the day no longer stops at the top of Studio Way, on the corner of Ealing Close.

She said: “This means I have an unpleasant walk to the next stop down around five minutes away, and it has no bus shelter.

“It sounds like I am being lazy but with wet, icy and snowy conditions it is going to make that walk very difficult. We were also never consulted about this.”

Councillor Richard Butler is supporting the residents in their plight. He said: “It is ridiculous they are taking away a service as people are trying to get to work, I cannot understand cutting it and I will help them fight their case.”

The Borehamwood Times is awaiting comment from Sullivan Buses.