A Hertfordshire police union has said it is “extremely disappointed” that the county’s force is still considering handing large swathes if its back office functions to the company G4S after the Olympics security fiasco.

Herts Police UNISON called on police chiefs to consult taxpayers in the county and give them the full facts about any deal with the global security giant before anything is signed.

The union’s call comes after Hertfordshire Constabulary along with forces in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire decided to keep moving ahead with plans to collectively outsource functions such as human resources, finance, ICT, procurement and corporate communications.

Steph Raddings, chairman of Herts Police UNISON, said: “How many more mistakes do G4S need to make before alarm bells start ringing?

“Surly the fact that they have had to “up” their game is a worry in itself? Any bidder for a contract will make reassurances – especially when they have just made such huge public losses.”

The decision over whether G4S will get the police contract has now moved into the political arena after delays in the process caused by concerns over the Olympics debacle mean it will be taken after the November 15 police and crime commissioner elections.

This means it will be one of the first issues Hertfordshire’s newly-elected commissioner will have to deal with.

Contenders for the new £75,000-a-year role have already clashed over the G4S issue, with Labour candidate Sherma Batson saying she would scrap plans to privatise parts of the police service.

Yet David Lloyd, the Conservative candidate for the job, has said the force needs to go ahead with its cost-saving outsourcing programme and he would still consider G4S for the contract if elected.