A cancer patient from Borehamwood says that “anything is possible” after she married her fiancée over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Karen Darnell, of Bullhead Road, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2009, but was then told it had spread to her lung, diaphragm, lymph nodes, stomach and bowel.

She had only been seeing her new boyfriend, Stephen Darnell, for five months after her diagnosis, but he promised to stick by her side.

Mr Darnell, who met the new Mrs Darnell over Facebook, proposed to her whilst the couple were on holiday in South Africa last November.

Ms Burack became Mrs Darnell at a small ceremony at St Albans Registry Office on Sunday.

Speaking about her special day, the 51-year-old mother-of-two said: “The sun shone and everyone smiled and cried all day.

“I still cannot believe that I am now happily married. After finding out how ill I was, nothing could have been further from my thoughts than getting married in three years.

“The ceremony was beautiful and I now believe anything possible.”

The bride wore a 50s style wedding dress and added that the day was “simply amazing.”

The newlyweds are now celebrating their marriage by honeymooning in Devon.

Mrs Burack is currently receiving treatment for the cancer and has had a hysterectomy, and says she is responding “remarkably well” to treatment.