An Unidentified Flying Object has been seen moving “slowly and erratically” in the night sky.

The mysterious object was spotted shining a bright, white light above Radlett at around 11.20pm on Friday, June 15.

People have reported their sightings on - a website dedicated to UFOs.

One witness in Radlett said: “I went outside for a cigarette and noticed a very bright light move slowly and erratically in the sky.

“The light was brighter than any star or planet I have seen before. It appeared to be a single constant, unwavering light, no blips or flashes.

“I enjoy watching the night sky so am familiar with planets such as Venus which is sometimes visible, but this was far brighter and moving in an irregular way.

“I watched it for about 30 seconds before two planes crossed the sky. The object was visible for another couple of minutes before fading into the distance.”

Others also claim to have seen the unusual light from as far as Essex.

One witness said: “My partner was sitting in the back garden late last night when he shouted to me to come and look at this light in the sky. My daughter and me ran to the door and saw this bright white light, bigger than a star moving across the sky.

“I ran for my camera and as I came back the light was moving faster than all of a sudden disappeared into the night. We were absolutely speechless.

“It was very strange and something we have never seen a plane do.”

But Dr Robert Massey from the Royal Astronomical Society believes the sighting is nothing to be worried about.

He said: “It’s almost certainly the International Space Station.

“The ISS can be very bright – brighter than any planet except Venus – shines with a steady light and moves silently across the sky from west to east during its most favourable passes.”

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