Hertfordshire Constabulary has introduced two new measures as part of their stop and search scheme.

The force will now record outcomes of all stop and search investigations, and will also restrict the use of the ‘no suspicion’ powers that allow officers to search members of the public even they are not suspicious that a crime has been committed.

By November, police will also give the public the opportunity to view stop and searches in practice along with introducing a community complaints trigger.

All 43 police forces in England and Wales have signed up to the scheme and 24, including Hertfordshire Constabulary, will implement the additional measures as of this week.

Home Secretary Theresa May, who suggested the new measures, said: “I am delighted Hertfordshire Constabulary will reform their use of stop and search powers under the new Best Use of Stop and Search scheme. It will increase transparency, give us a better understanding of how stop and search is actually being used and help local communities hold the police to account for their use of the powers.

Stop and search data, including information collected due to these extra measures, will also be available to the public online in the coming weeks.