Borehamwood will get a starring role in a new music video by a film design company.

Elstree Film Design owner and singer-songwriter Rob Finlay shot and directed the music video for his song Call Back The Day at the weekend - using three locations in Borehamwood.

Locations included Shenley Food and Wine shop on Shenley Road, the Church of St Teresa of the Child Jesus and the underpass outside the Venue sports facility, while the remainder of the shoot was completed at Cassiobury Park in Watford.

Mr Finlay, of Furzefield Road, said: "I grew up in Borehamwood, and these are locations and places I am familiar with - St Teresa’s Church in particular because I went to St Teresa’s school.  We are based at Elstree Film Studios, so it made sense to film as much as possible locally for logistical reasons.

"The underpass in Borehamwood is great from a visual point of view because it’s been forgotten. The walls are covered in graffiti and cobwebs.  When you’re shooting on a budget being able to walk onto a ready made set is a real advantage."

The song Call Back The Day is about a homeless man who was given a copy of the Bible, which he damages and then starts to read. After becoming engrossed in the New Testament, he becomes Miracle Man and goes around the town enacting his versions of miracles.

Speaking to the Borehamwood Times about the weekend, Mr Finlay added: “None of them go very well for him. The song is an unusual and funny look at the stories of the Bible and it was a great shoot; we had a lot of fun.

“We had a special effects make up person, Claire Jones, in the crew and some great acting talent as Gavin Palmer played the lead role of Miracle Man. It was shot by director of photography James Kar and directed by myself.”

The team are hoping to cut the video shortly for its release later in September this year.