A new school development and bus services were top of the agenda at a resident’s association meeting.

Elstree and Borehamwood Residents Association met tonight to discuss a variety of topics, including a county council bus consultation and the development of Hertswood Academy.

Borehamwwod resident John Cartledge gave a presentation on the bus services in Borehamwood, detailing the differences between services subsidised by Hertfordshire County Council and those that are provided by private companies.

A discussion later followed regarding the council consultation which suggests scrapping subsidised bus services across the county.

County councillor Leon Reefe said: “I would urge anyone interested in bus services in this town to complete the consultation. This will cut off communities not just around here but also around the other districts as well.

“With long summer evenings ahead, people want to go out but they won’t be able to because the bus services won’t be there.”

Theatre-users also used the meeting to highlight their concerns regarding the development of the Hertswood Academy school at the Cowley Hill site.

One questioned whether the theatre design has been looked at by experts in the field, while another asked whether provisions had been made to allow for disabled access.

School governor Graham Taylor said: “We have been working our way through the suggestions made to us and the design has just got better.”

The association also discussed the consultation over the Elstree recycling centre and councillors Morris Bright and Harvey Cohen encouraged people to continue to volunteer their time to hand out leaflets and fill in the online form.