Results for the Borehamwood Brookmeadow ward are in.

The Conservative seat, previously held by Harvey Cohen, has been retained.

Clive Butchins has been elected as Conservative councillor for the ward.

Results are as follows:

  • Clive Butchins, Conservative: 822
  • Najaf Raza, Labour: 635
  • Lawrence Stack, UKIP: 505

Turnout for the ward was 33%.

Cllr Butchins said he was very pleased with the result and was glad his campaign had paid off.

Lawrence Stack, who received criticism this week after helping Cllr Butchins with leafletting, said: "It was difficult campaigning on my own, so it was never going to be a huge victory for me.

"Clive is a decent bloke so I'm very pleased for him."