Work has begun to improve dangerous roads around Rowley Lane and the bridge over the A1.

Rowley Lane has been the focus of complaints in recent weeks due to overgrown hedgerows on the bridge, but came into the spotlight after a lorry unable to navigate the junction reversed into a parked car on Studio Lane.

Councillors and residents made complaints to Herts Highways regarding the problems and work has now begun to improve safety.

Resident Teresa Karasavvas, of Gateshead Road, said: “This roundabout is always being damaged. After having only recently been repaired it has been damaged yet again, not to mention the poor person’s car being badly damaged.”

Residents have said they can feel their homes shake as lorries pass and are worried their homes could be hit.

Councillor Alan Plancey has already allocated funding for more signs in Rowley Lane to deter lorries from using the road, which are due to be put up as soon as they have been delivered.

An existing weight limit sign at the roundabout has now been moved to a new and more visible location, while the rebuild of the two or three damaged kerbs at the junction has been scheduled by Herts Highways.

Contractor Ringway undertakes road maintenance and highways work on the behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, and is currently carrying out work on the railings on the roundabout.

Cllr Richard Butler has made a number of reports to the council following complaints from residents that the roundabout is dangerous.

He said: “I have been dealing with this issue for what seems like ages now and have spoken to a number of people in the council about these problems.

"Of course the roundabout is important to prevent speeding, but until there is clear signage at the distribution centre these problems will continue to occur.

“I am very pleased to hear that signs are to be made more visible in the area - it’s about time the county council dealt with these residents’ problems.”