An investigation is being carried out following complaints made against a property in Borehamwood.

Complaints were made to Hertsmere Borough Council recently regarding matting that had been laid on a grass verge at a property in Cowley Hill.

Homeowner Martine Eni, wife of Conservative candidate Victor Eni, claims that the family approached the council about the land and was told that no one owned it.

She added: “With so many children around during the school times, it is just mayhem. I don’t want to be responsible if my car is in the way and someone gets hurt, so that’s why we have this.

“I wanted to put a concrete drive there but decided it was disrespectful for our neighbours and didn’t want to upset them, so we decided on this matting.”

From first investigations, the council has found that the land is not owned by either the council or highways.

It is currently establishing who owns the land before taking any further steps.