Scouting numbers have continued to grow in Hertfordshire this year, with more boys and girls seeking out “everyday adventures”.

The number of children and adults who have joined Hertfordshire Scouts has risen by three per cent, with 450 new members signing up over the last year.

Figures have now reached a new high of 16,913 scouts in the county, with over 550,000 nationwide.

Speaking to The Borehamwood Times, Len Denbigh, group scout leader for Seventh Borehamwood Scouts, said: “It’s such a good thing to see that so many more children want to join the Scouts, and we like to feel we can provide a good service for them.

“It’s been tough trying to find new volunteers though, and we can’t take on too many new members without this extra help. We really hope more people will want to join as adult volunteers, so we’re looking through the church and asking if anyone wants to help out.”

Scouting has become more popular in recent years with Chief Scout Bear Grylls playing a huge part in attracting young people.

He said: “I am super proud to see so many young people and adults learning new life skills, achieving personal rewards through Scouting in Hertfordshire.

"I am excited to see Scout numbers continue to rise across the UK and the big reasons for this are that more and more young people are realising that Scouting can give them so much – whether it’s the opportunity to be involved with some incredible adventures, learn practical life, outdoor and teamwork skills, or helping to improve their local communities.

“People don't want to miss out and Scouting brings them all together, empowers them and allows them to make a positive impact.”

The Scout Association has committed to keep increasing its membership and plans to recruit a further 58,000 more young people and 18,000 more adult volunteers by 2018.

To volunteer, contact the Herts Scouts County Office on 0845 0530437 or email at