Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is asking the public for their views on help for victims of crime.

Commissioner David Lloyd has recently published his proposed strategy for providing both emotional and practical support for people affected by crimes.

The strategy currently outlines the commissioner’s vision and he is now asking services such as the police, other emergency services and the public what this support should look like.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “I am very keen to play my part in ensuring that victims of crime and anti-social behaviour get the support, help and advice they need.

“During my time as police and crime commissioner I’ve met many victims and talked to them in depth about their experiences. Every one of them has a different need and level of support required. For some, being a victim is not a hugely traumatic experience, but it can still cause them inconvenience. For others, being a victim of crime, or suffering at the wrong end of anti-social behaviour, can have life-changing and devastating consequences.”

One of the key decisions to be made is whether to extend services to unrecorded offences, as well as to victims of crimes that have been reported to the police.

The full report is available online on the commissioner’s website.