Just a few months ago, a group of slimmers who were “fed up of being so big” made a pledge to lose weight – and they have now launched a staggering 73 stone between them.

Rosalind Bluestone launched Slimming World, at the Radlett Village Institute, on January 2 this year and encouraged people to get involved with the ‘Slim for Good Campaign’.

In the past six weeks, they launched a startling 28stone of collective body weight by motivating themselves at weekly meetings.

Spencer Franks, of Borehamwood, joined weighing over 20 stone and admitted he felt a bit “negative” about the idea.

But after losing three stone, he has more energy to play with his two children and is able to walk up the stairs without being out of breath or sweating.

He is finally fitting into clothes he bought years ago, but was too large to wear.

He said: “I think it's absolutely fantastic. You can eat more than 3 times a day and live an ordinary life of food - this is not a diet.

“We all support each other 24/7.”

Michelle Ben Nathan, of Shenley, has lost two stone two pounds in 11 weeks and felt inspired to join slimming world as she felt self conscious about her body.

She said: “That feeling soon went as everyone in the group was so friendly and accepting, and in the same boat.

“The Radlett group is quite unique as no one is ever made to feel bad or embarrassed by whatever happens.”

During the recent Slim for Good Campaign, the group raised £190 by raffling off unwanted gifts for the Children’s Crohn’s & Colitis charity.