A girl who sparked panic by saying she was nearly dragged into a van exaggerated what really happened, police say.

The girl posted a message on social networking site Facebook claiming men tried to drag her into their van in Brook Road, Borehamwood and ro take her mobile phone, earlier this week.

People began posting warning messages on Twitter and Facebook, advising girls to be on their guard when walking around the town.

But police have today confirmed there were no threats of violence or attempts to force a girl into a van and grab her mobile phone.

The crime unit now want to reassure the public there is no need for anyone to be concerned.

A statement from the police said: “We have spoken to the girl who made the Facebook allegation of abduction in Borehamwood.

“Officers have satisfied themselves the post was misleading and inaccurate and the police are happy no crime has been committed.

“The girl has removed the post and has been given suitable words of advice.”