Contrary to their beyond-the-atmosphere band name, Watford four-piece Telstar plumb the deepest depths on their debut EP, Who Are Telstar?, out now.

It’s the turmoils of terrestrial life that inspire the four tracks here, evoking the Radiohead of old (before they disappeared up their own flange filters), a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and ‘90s heavies Soundgarden.

Opener Falling On Deaf Ears flat refuses to do so. A searing screech of guitars lay over twitchy drum beats on top of which lead singer Lee Cox gives a devil-may-care two-fingers to whatever woman-that-wasn’t-worth-it.

“I don’t care, it’s not important to me, it never will be,” he grumbles. She must feel pretty rough about it now, but it sounds like she deserves it. Nevertheless she inspired a cracking song so all is forgiven.

When it all reaches a groaning climax in comes a bowel-rumbling lurch from a fuzzy bass, daring the listener to launch themselves against the nearest wall just for the pure fun of it. Which reminds me, I must repair that me-shaped crack in the living room plaster.

Next up is a dirty little headbanger called Wasted. I’ve never been one for headbanging, my hair’s not long enough for a start and I once gave myself a black eye bopping to Turtle Power by Partners In Kryme (I was five), but it’s hard to resist with riffage like this.

A brief respite is granted by the more mellow Smoke & Mirrors before the meandering Entropy, which four minutes in eventually launches into some balls out boogie – which is what these boys do best.

Some serious heaviness happening here, watch out boys, there’s a if-there’s-a-blame-there’s-a-claim for whiplash coming your way.

Listen to Who Are Telstar? in its entirety online at and