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Live Psychic Tarot Readings

My psychic phone or private readings involve giving honest, empowering & insightful outcome into the life of the person seeking answers. The cards selected will represent what is happening in the questioner’s deep subconscious and the tarot cards connect me intuitively to these ancient images while I also connect clairvoyantly which allows me to see, feel and hear information relating to each individual person. When giving live psychic telephone readings I connect to the persons energy through just hearing the person say their name and it makes no difference if they are calling from the other side of the world. The person having the reading has a question in their mind and the tarot or Angel cards selected are not just the result of random selection but conducted with intention for clear insight and answers to whatever situation the person is facing. I began offering telephone tarot readings due to demand from people who just live too far to travel to me. My interest in psychic and spiritual development began about ten years ago when I was drawn to Reiki healing. The reason why Reiki or any form of healing is so important in connection with giving psychic readings is because psychics, reiki therapists and people who like helping and empowering others have usually experienced a lot of their own pain in their own lives which gives them greater empathy with the ability when requested or required to send healing to the person having the reading. My psychic telephone readings or face to face readings involve connecting clairvoyantly and tapping into any negative patterns which are causing the person having the readings a lot of worry as they are searching for answers to almost any situation such as, relationships, career, money and business.

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Categories: Complementary Medicine & Therapy, Tarot Reading, Psychics & Clairvoyants

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