Premier League captains have discussed how best to help support and fund the NHS during the coronavirus crisis at a meeting earlier today.

Football is coming under increasing scrutiny as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate, with health secretary Matt Hancock taking aim at top-flight players' supposed inaction in Thursday's daily briefing.

But discussions between Premier League players were underway days before those comments and the captains of all 20 Premier League clubs held a meeting on Friday to discuss the situation.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson helped organise what is a collective, league-wide effort, with the players' ability to help worthy causes during the escalating situation high on the agenda.

Specifics are not believed to have been put in place yet but they would work with stakeholders to make sure funds to go where they are needed most to make a difference.

The captains are well aware of their ability to help at a time when the PFA look out for members across the leagues, while proposals need to be taken back to the dressing room at their respective clubs.

Meanwhile, significant progress has been made by managers and coaches in negotiating pay cuts and wage deferrals in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the League Managers' Association has said.

The LMA has been part of ongoing talks on salary issues alongside the Professional Footballers' Association, the Premier League and the English Football League.

While there remains the prospect of some form of collective agreement being reached, the LMA has highlighted the "proactive" behaviour of its members, such as Bournemouth and Brighton bosses Eddie Howe and Graham Potter who have agreed to temporary pay cuts.

An LMA statement read: "Across our membership there has been significant progress, on a club by club basis, in negotiating individual contractual and salary arrangements with managers, including furloughs, cuts and deferrals.

"Through their proactive approach and by the numerous instances of managers engaging in local, national and international community and charity initiatives, our members continue to demonstrate their commitment to their clubs and to their communities as a whole."