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The new changes include how substitutions are modified and how drop balls are scrapped and an update to the handball rule. Coaches can now face punishments similar to players, when they break rules and receive yellow and red cards. Free-kicks and penalties have also been examined, with these changes we should see an improvement in the sport. These new rules have an impact for all the teams within the Premier League. Let us dive into how the changes will be implemented and how it will affect the game in the 2019/2020 Premier League season. If you are looking to add a little bit of excitement to this year’s tournament, then click here to get a great bonus to your initial bet! There are a lot of different bonus codes and promotion codes to choose from.

Changes to the kick-off times

In the recent years, the kick-off times have been heavily modified. SKY Sports added a 2.05pm match slot in the last season. This season will see a 7.45pm time-slot on Saturdays where matches can be played. This new time slot could work as it’s an ideal time for fans to gather in pubs to watch the matches. Eight Premier League matches will be played in this time-slot in 2019-2020.

The introduction of VAR Technology

This new technology is currently being used in the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup and will only be used in the Premier League for four potentially game-changing scenarios:

  • Goals
  • Red Cards
  • Penalties
  • Cases of mistaken identities

Referees from overseas

We will soon be able to see international referees taking part in the Premier League. As the Premier League is the best division in the world when it comes to football and continues to attract talented players from all over the world. Why shouldn’t we attract the best referees?


Goals are now disallowed, even if the ball hits a player’s hand during the build-up by accident. A free-kick will now be awarded outside of the penalty box if a player creates an advantage by handling the ball by accident.

Drop balls

The current “manufactured” restarts are being removed as it can be exploited or be used to create an aggressive confrontation. To avoid this or give a team an unfair advantage, all players must now be at least 4 meters away.


Players can now leave the pitch from the nearest point, rather than have to slowly walk across the field during the later stages of a match, thus wasting time.


The attacking team is no longer allowed to have a player in the defensive wall when a free-kick is taken. If there are more than 3 players in the wall, then the attacking team is not allowed to be within 1 meter of the wall.

Penalty kicks

Goalkeepers now must keep at least 1 foot on the line and they are not allowed to touch the goalposts before the ball has been kicked. This is to prevent goalkeepers taking advantage during certain circumstances.