A hilarious Gladiators clip from the 90s has resurfaced revealing none other than Bradley Walsh transforming into one of the “superhumans” himself.

It comes as the sports entertainment show recently returned to our TV screens, with Bradley and his son Barney Walsh presenting the BBC reboot.

But after a series of challenges testing strength and endurance, it was Marie-Louise Nicholson and Finlay Anderson who were crowned the winners.

The Contenders taking part this year battled it out for weeks against 16 Gladiators, including Legend, Fury and Diamond.

But how did Bradley get on when he appeared on the show back in the day during its original broadcast from 1992 to 2000?

In a newly uploaded YouTube clip, The Chase star appears alongside Wolf (Michael Van Wijk) during the 1997 special ‘celebrities vs jockeys’.

As Bradley enters the ring with his long blonde hair, he strips off his clothes before revealing his skin-tight pink outfit and “flesh-coloured tights”.

When reaching the top of the game stand, he exclaimed: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am the new girl Gladiator Crumpet.”

However, after introducing his teammate “the Warrior”, the 63-year-old soon climbs back down the ladder before having a quick chat with former host Ulrika Jonsson.

BBC Gladiator fans react to Bradley Walsh's 90s appearance on the show

Reacting to the comical throwback clip, some people gave Bradley quite the compliment.

One person said: “Can we all agree he looks really fit in that outfit.”

“Brad really suits the colour pink,” added another.

This user posted: “Great body there Brad!”

Speaking about his new role, someone wrote: “25 years later, he goes on to present the show with his son.”

“He looks so much like barney there,” this fan replied.

Previously discussing where his Gladiator name 'Crumpet' came from, Bradley explained (as reported by The Mirror): "My celebrity Gladiator name back in the day was ‘Crumpet’ for some peculiar reason! Someone gave me the name as I was walking out, and it stuck.

"Funnily enough when filming this series, someone had a sign that read Brad do you remember being Crumpet? And of course, I didn’t remember it was Crumpet until that point.

"What would my new Gladiator name be? Either Hamster or Gerbil? Something along those lines because you can't compete with the others."

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Is Gladiators coming back?

At the end of March, it was announced that Gladiators will return for a second series.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, head of entertainment at the BBC said: “It has been wonderful to hear how much families have loved watching this together, as part of the BBC’s Saturday evening entertainment offering.

“We can’t wait for more action from the Gladiators.”

Applications for Gladiators series two are now open on the BBC website.

All previous episodes of Gladiators are available on the iPlayer.