Derek Thompson is set for his first acting role since it was announced he would be leaving Casualty in 2024.

The 75-year-old has played Charlie Fairhead on the BBC medical drama since it first started back in 1986, and it was announced in 2023 that his character would be leaving at some point later this year.

It has now been revealed that he will make a return to his hometown of Belfast to guest star as retired police officer Robin Graham in the second series of the BBC drama Blue Lights.

The programme follows three probationary police officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland plus the more experienced officers who are mentoring them.

Thompson "thrilled" to be a part of Blue Lights series 2

Speaking to the BBC about taking on the role, Thompson said: "I loved the first series of Blue Lights and thought, as did the majority of my friends and colleagues, that it was the best new TV series of last year.

"I was thrilled and excited {star jumps in the living room} when I got the invitation to take part in series two.

"I was born in Belfast and was equally excited {more star jumps} to travel over to work on the show and pleased to report, having read the scripts, that I'm sure the fans will love the second series every bit as much as the first. Greatly looking forward to it myself as I'm one of them.”

Production company Two Cities Television added: “We are delighted to have Derek Thompson back working with us in his native Belfast, it is an honour to have him as part of the Blue Lights family."

Blue Lights series 2 is set to air at some point during 2024 and has already been recommissioned for a further two series.

In terms of what the storyline will be for series 2 the BBC shared: "In series two, Grace, Annie and Tommy are growing up fast as police officers, but nothing can prepare them for the turmoil they face every day.

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