One star of BBC’s Call the Midwife faced a serious health scare while filming the latest series of the popular drama.

Set in Poplar, East London, the latest episode of series 13 sees the midwives and fan favourites head out of the city and for a trip to the seaside.

However, actor Cliff Parisi who plays Fred Buckle shared that filming took a sudden turn when freezing conditions saw the crew catch hypothermia-like symptoms.

Call the Midwife star faced a serious health scare while filming

Speaking of filming conditions on the beach, Parisi said: “Everything was going sideways. The wind was unbelievable, it was so cold.

“I was wearing a shirt with a hanky on my head. I managed to keep the hanky the whole time - but I got hypothermia in the end.

"They had to take me off-set. I had to warm up, I couldn’t go back on. We’d done most of it by that point.”

However, Parisi came over his health scare after sharing that the affected crew were quickly warmed up with foil blankets around them.

As the Call the Midwife actor added: “It was a laugh, but it was difficult to film, things were flying all over the place.


“Hair and make-up gave up and ran for cover. One of the crew did as well, we had two cameras then we had one. There was sand in everything."

Cliff wasn’t the only star of the BBC show that agreed, as his on-screen wife Violet, played by Annabelle Apsion on Call the Midwife said: “It was a nightmare for continuity but in the end, they just gave up and said, ‘We can’t do anything.'

“The weather had been fantastic just before we shot and was again just after we shot. But while we were actually there it could not have been worse. It was hysterical.”

Call the Midwife continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday evenings from 8pm.