THERE was a dramatic crash involving a number of riders at the start of the Ovo Energy Tour Series cycling in Durham.

Borehamwood Times:

A rider is treated at the scene by First Aiders. Picture: Gavin Engelbrecht

Reporter Gavin Engelbrecht was on hand to catch the drama on Tuesday night.

A rider came out of his pedals as the men's race began during the neutralised lap. He fell and that led to a domino effect with four or five others crashing to the ground.

"One rider went down and then a whole bunch followed," said Gavin. "There were a couple of guys needed treatment at the scene. But it didn't look too serious, more spectacular than anything, and the race was started again soon after."

Only one rider was unable to continue, the rest of those that crashed joined the restart.

It is understood he was not seriously injured.

Andy Tennant, of Canyon Eisberg, took the win in the men's race, with Connor Swift (Madison Genesis) second and Matt Gibson (JLT Condor) third.

Borehamwood Times:

In the women's race, Nikki Juniper of NJC-Biemme-Echelon, above, took the individual victory, with Anna Henderson second for Cycle Team Onform, 25 seconds down. Third was Gabriella Shaw of NJC-Biemme-Echelon.