CRISP packets, black plastic trays, film - all these things have long been a problem to recycle.

But now a Swindon company is helping by converting these household plastic into oil with its patented machine, due to be launched across the UK.

These materials have often previously ended up in landfill.

The RT7000, patented by Recycling Technologies in South Marston, recycles all household plastics, including hard and recyclable films, into a valuable oil called Plaxx which can be recycled back into plastic.

The machine is now commercially available after two companies agreed to million-pound contracts for Plaxx - the petrochemical company InterChem agreed a £50m contract over the next five years, and another £15m has been agreed with Kerax Ltd, a manufacturer of speciality waxes in Europe.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO of Recycling Technologies, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce an important new strategic alliance with InterChem and the contract with Kerax, together worth over £65m. We have been able to develop the technology that recycles even the difficult plastic packaging wastes.

“These partnerships secure the commercial outlet for Plaxx. We are particularly excited that polymer manufacturers can use this material to produce more plastic, significantly boosting the circular economy credentials of plastic.”

Robert Langstraat, CEO of InterChem, said: “We see great value in building a partnership with Recycling Technologies as its talented management team has developed a commercial solution to recycle plastic.”

The company has been able to develop its machine at Swindon Borough Council’s Cheney Manor centre. The machine can be installed at recycling centres to chemically recycle all types of plastic waste, saving them from being landfilled, and turning them into a valuable commodity.

It plans to manufacture up to 200 RT7000s a year in Swindon to be used across the UK.