After making the front page of the Borehamwood Post in 1964 for a school prank, Borehamwood Grammar students went their separate ways.

But the calamitous 60-year-olds met up for the first time since at their school reunion last Saturday.

The cheeky teens broke into the Cowley Hill school one evening in July and moved the contents of the headmaster’s office to the flat roof.

Margaret Brewitt helped plan the joke, and said she was a bit apprehensive about seeing her old school peers for the first time since.

The now 66-year-old Kent resident, whose maiden name is Woollerton, said: “It was our last day of sixth form so we knew we could not get in to too much trouble, and it was hilarious. 

“But the school and our parents went crazy so I was not sure how people would react if it was bought up at the reunion. 

“But then we broke the ice and spent the whole day reminiscing about what we did and how funny it was.

“I loved every moment of seeing them all again. It was great to see how everyone has changed.”

The morning after the wind-up, the students told their peers that lessons would be taking place on the roof from now on – but the headmaster went “berserk” and sent the culprits home.

Many attended the reunion, some travelling as far as their new homes in New Zealand and the Philippines to be there.

Jasmine Newman spent more than a year planning the event, held at the Premier Inn in Borehamwood and said it was “amazing”.

The grandmother, who is now 66, said: “I was not involved in the prank but I remember it being really funny, especially when they made the front page.

“It was so nice for everyone to see each other again after so long. It was like nothing had changed and I am so pleased it was a success.”

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