A couple who have been exposed to carbon monoxide for the last five years because of a faulty boiler flue claim the home builders have put their lives at risk.

Doreen and Gerald Lee, of Winthorpe Gardens, Borehamwood, found out last Tuesday that levels of the deadly gas in their house were “through the roof”.

Their home was built by Taylor Wimpey five years ago, but a “wrongly installed” boiler flue only came to light when they came to check the property last week.

Representatives from the firm turned their boiler off as a precaution, and told the couple that new parts would arrive within 12 days.

Mrs Lee, 74, who has six grandchildren, says she has been left “terrified” about living in her own home and the couple are considering moving.

She said: “I am constantly scared now. It’s a very dangerous thing to be exposed to, so I am now just terrified. 

“Even after it is fixed I still won’t feel totally happy, because our grandchildren are always round and I wouldn’t want them to be exposed to anything.

“We bought this house brand new hoping there would be no problems, but now we just want to move.

“It’s also unacceptable they have left us without heating, because it’s freezing so it’s been a nightmare.”

Emergency blood tests last week showed the couple both had low levels of carbon monoxide in their system, which the doctor warned could cause health issues, such as heart attacks.

Mr Lee, 78, had a stroke last year despite always having perfect health, and doctors deemed the cause a “mystery.”

The couple say they are convinced there is a link to being exposed to carbon monoxide.

He added: “Recently, I have been getting dizzy in the mornings and often feel nauseous, but I just attributed it to old age.

“Now I’ve realised it fits the symptoms of low level carbon monoxide poisoning perfectly, and that’s a very scary thought.”

The couple, who are expecting their seventh grandchild this week, say they are living on “tenterhooks” that their new carbon monoxide alarm will go off.

People living in flats in Keble Court, next to Winthorpe Gardens, were evacuated on Saturday night amid more carbon monoxide fears. Those properties are also part of a Taylor Wimpey development.

Seven people, including a baby, were taken to hospital and residents have since been allowed back into their homes. 

The Borehamwood Times is awaiting comment from Taylor Wimpey.