A young girl with a passion for writing has published her first book, after being inspired by a visit to a museum dedicated to her favourite author.

Eight-year-old Victoria Agomo, a pupil at St Nicholas School, in St Nicholas Close, Elstree, wanted to write a book following a school trip to the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire, last year.

The book, called Silly Sarah, follows the story of a young girl from a family called the Sillys, who is always making mistakes and getting into trouble.

American-based Trafford Publishing offered to print the book, with the Agomo family paying towards the publication, and it will be sold on demand through Amazon.

Her mother Dr Nonye Agomo, who is a GP, said: "I’m so proud of her, and it’s all been really exciting getting a book published.

"After the school trip, she just announced she was going to be an author and she was going to write a book."

Victoria said: “I’m really proud of the book. I really enjoy writing stories and making up characters, it’s really fun.

“I’m going to keep writing stories as I grow up and one day I’m going to write a novel.

"My favourite books are by Roald Dahl because he writes really good stories.”

Her father Chijioke Agomo, who is a pharmacist said: “She is always writing and I think it’s because she sees me and her mother writing all the time for medical journals or other articles.

“I think that must have encouraged her to start, and all I can say is we’re both very proud of her."

Dr Agomo said: "I thought it was quite funny. We showed it to a few friends and we said we should try and get it published.

"We phoned a few people and one publisher in America said they would do it. We just received the book this week, it is all quiet exciting."

The book was illustrated by Victoria and 87-year-old Anna Platman, who is a resident at a care home in Hampstead where Dr Agomo works.

Dr Agomo added: "Victoria had forgotten about the book as it was getting published in America, but when it arrived she was so excited and kept announcing, I’m an author, I’m an author.

"She’s always enjoyed being creative with drawing and it’s only in the past two years she has started to write. She can certainly spin a good yarn."