A GROUP of visitors on a trip to Borehamwood’s twin town of Offenburg reached the town despite adverse weather conditions last week.

The group, as part of BETTA (Borehamwood and Elstree Twin Town Association), went to the town for a cultural and educational experience.

The aim of the association is to form connections with the area's twin towns including French town Fontenay-aux-Roses on the outskirts of Paris, and of Offenburg in south-west Germany near Strasbourg.

Chairman of the group, Martine Eni, took more than eighty people on a trip to Fontenay-aux-Roses in June.

Mrs Eni secured more than £4,000 in funding from councillors for the French trip.

The trip to Offenburg included a journey on a Eurostar train to Strasbourg and the group of 22 were forced to wait for their train following delays last Friday due to the snowy weather conditions.

Mrs Eni said: “The weather was a concern but we braved it. We waited a few hours to get on the train and then the train was also slow getting there.

“I was determined to go and even when no seats were available we sat in the aisles for the first part of the journey.

"When we got to Strasbourg it was fine as we were picked up by bus and taken to Offenburg organised by the town.

“The town there also organised an amazing programme of events. It was incredible and it once again re-inforced the relations between the two towns.

“We printed a picture of the high street, framed it and took it along with us to present it to the deputy mayor there, Dieter Eckert, and it was very well received.

"We had a great time and this is something we hope to do again next year as it was a successful trip."

Peter Mason, from Borehamwood, said: “It’s been great fun and when we got there it all ran very smoothly.

“The German group were very accommodating and very generous organising the tours and meals.

“Given the amount of snow we had it was good that we still managed to get there.”

Kath Moffat, from St Albans, said: “We’re friendly with Borehamwood people so thought we would go along for this trip.

“We had a very good weekend with a tour of the town, we visited the Christmas markets and got a tour of the Black Forest.”

Contact 020 8381 5222 or email bettagroup@hotmail.com for more details on the association. Log on to the website at www.betta.org.uk for more information.