CUB scouts helped clean up war graves in a cemetery in Borehamwood at the weekend.

Ten young members of the 7th Borehamwood Cub Scouts were led by organiser Carol Denbigh to clean two graves next to All Saints Church, in Shenley Road, Borehamwood.

Permission had to be sought from the War Graves Commission, based in Leamington Spa, for the clean-up.

Mrs Denbigh said: "It was a great day even though it was raining in the morning but improved later. One grave was of Claude Seaton-Williams, whose stepfather owned the Home for Rest for Horses.

"The other gentleman was by the name of Binothe and his family owned what was known as the central garage in Borehamwood. It is where Nandos is now on the high street.

"Reverend Tim Warr was over the moon that the cubs took this on."

The cubs will receive a community badge for their work.

Mrs Denbigh added: "Before we went in to do the work I shared with the children, who ranged in age from eight to ten years old, about how people should respect the cemetery and the people buried there.

"The children cleaned the marble stones around one of the graves and we cleared weeds from the other grave.

"These war gravestones match all other war gravestones across the world and so were a great honour to mark the lives of soldiers who served during the war."

Mrs Denbigh is searching for help to sell poppies for The Poppy Appeal next month. For more details contact 020 8386 2900.