When are we going to get a reliable bus service for Well End?

Over the past seven or eight days I have waited for between 45 and 60 minutes, at least four times, for a bus which did not come.

On Thursday of last week I got off a 107 bus at Tesco and met a neighbour who had already waited nearly three quarters of an hour. We then together waited a further 40 minutes for a bus which arrived ten minutes late.

Friday was the last straw. I left the library at 3.05pm only to see a B5 passing the bus stop. It should have by then been on its way back to Tesco and Watford. I waited for the next one, but after waiting until 4.30pm (1 hour 25 minutes) I gave up and went into the council offices to phone for a cab. When we reached Well End, the bus passed us -- so one did actually run.

Whilst waiting at the stop, twice the same B4 came along at the time the B5 should have been there, which had been diverted to Warwick Road. WHY? There are very few houses to benefit, and the factories and offices are well served by the 107, of which at least five passed me.

I have complained to the council and to the Shires in the past, to no avail. One only gets an answering machine. The last time I had a letter saying it would be dealt with by the manager on his return. Things have not improved, and I have heard no more.

They may say not enough people use the service, but surely, if the service could be relied on, more people would.

A lot of us are senior citizens and are not able to walk to and from Borehamwood, especially carrying shopping, as it's uphill nearly all the way back.

I should be grateful if you will publish -- maybe the Shires will take some notice then.

I have lived in Well End for over 50 years, and having had to give up my bicycle and car, depend on the bus, otherwise it means booking a cab every time one has to visit the doctor, dentist or go shopping. |Mrs M. Hildersley

|Well End Road, Borehamwood.

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