Former goalkeeper and TV sports presenter Bob Wilson made another save by launching a campaign to reduce the Hertfordshire toll of injuries caused in road accidents.

The ex-Arsenal goalie helped county road safety officers launch a spring campaign to remind youngsters to stop and think before they cross the road.

Bob pointed out that 117 child pedestrians between the ages of seven and 11 were hurt in road accidents in Hertfordshire alone last year.

"That's too many and I wanted to do my bit to help teach youngsters how to cross the road safely," he said.

Campaign posters have been sent to all primary schools and health outlets across the county, and exhibitions are being organised at most sports and leisure centres.

The scheme coincides with a new 40 second road safety commercial now being screened on television, featuring hedgehogs and the tune King of the Road, which will also be aired at cinemas during half-term.

Over the coming month Hertfordshire road safety officers will be visiting supermarkets and shopping centres to meet parents and children as part of the education and awareness campaign.

"Most child accidents happen close to home on residential roads. By helping parents to work with their children on road safety issues we hope to reduce the number of child casualties on our roads," said vice chairman of the council's environment committee, Michael Moore.

According to studies, more children are knocked down in the summer when they spend time playing outside without supervision.

Two thirds of all fatal accidents involving school aged children are road accidents and parents of primary school children said road accidents were the most worrying threat to their children.

And surveys have also concluded that severity of injury is closely linked to speed -- nine out of ten pedestrians survive when hit by a car travelling at 20mph, but only one out of ten survives when struck at 40mph.

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