These days a good magician has got to offer more than just pulling a rabbit out of a top hat and the occasional card trick.

But while magic men David Blaine and Derren Brown raise the stakes with outrageous and often death defying stunts, Elstree magician Nicholas Einhorn is capturing the public's attention with his own brand of trickery.

On Monday, the award-winning magician of 10 years visited the offices of the Borehamwood and Elstree Times and amazed us with a selection of his best magic tricks.

In fact, we were so impressed that we challenged the professional illusionist to use his magic skills to predict the front page headline of this week's newspaper before the story was even written.

As well as wowing us with his talent, the 29-year-old spoke of his delight after landing a regular magic slot on ITV's late night cult entertainment show Dan and Dusty.

"When I was first approached by the producers I thought it was for a one-off magic special, but it turned out that I've got my own slot it's fantastic," he said.

Mr Einhorn is also resident magician at Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club and has entertained a string of famous names.

"I remember a particularly surreal moment when I was performing at Bob Monkhouse's 70th birthday party.

"I was doing some tricks for the guests and I looked up and David Jason, Ronnie Barker and Des O'Connor were all watching and said how impressed they were it was fantastic."

So, does the Elstree magic man hope to take over from the likes of David Blaine to become the new face of television magic?

"My magic isn't about publicity stunts. You're not going to see me being buried alive or frozen in a block of ice.

"I see magic as an art form and what I really love about it is shattering people's expectations even the most cynical people.

"People often assume that because I've been working as a professional magician for the last decade, I must know every trick in the book, which isn't true.

"In many cases I can work out how a magician does a trick but sometimes I am left baffled and there's nothing better than that sense of wonder," he said.

Dan and Dusty is on ITV1 at midnight every Friday night. Find out more about Nicholas Einhorn by visiting

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