A PAIR of ghostbusters are coming to Waltham Forest to capture spooks on film.

Paranormal investigator by night Sandi Monarque, 36, will be visiting Vestry House and St Mary's Church in Walthamstow Village with her photographic assistant Seth Farren.

Lying in wait in dark spooky corners, the couple hope to catch outlines of ghosts and spirit energy on a digital camera.

A cleaner by day, Ms Monarque from Bexhill, East Sussex, said she was visiting the borough as part of a tour of the most haunted sites in the UK.

She said there was a long history of ghostly activity at both sites and with a bit of research and luck she hoped to bridge the spirit world.

She said: "I am not a psychic, I can't speak to spirits. I research the place, go and visit, speak to people and when we see the pictures we know we have seen a ghost."

Mr Farren, a teacher in Waltham Forest, said he had been a sceptic until he started taking pictures.

He claims to have photographed colourful globes of spirit energy hovering in the air, the faint outline of a man standing in a window, and clouds of mist hanging above gravestones.

He said: "I, like a lot of people, was sceptical, but these pictures have blown me away. I hope to find more ghosts in this area."