WOODCOCK Hill memories are being requested in a bid to expand its website.

The 12-year battle to stop developers building on the site, north of Barnet Lane, ended in July 2008 with the land receiving village green status.

Website designer and Borehamwood resident Clive Butchins, said: “Following the hard work carried out by the group headed by Councillors Pat Strack and Sandra Parnell to have Woodcock Hill designated a village green, thus prevented this valuable local amenity ever being built on, the Woodcock Hill Village Green (WHVG) Committee has commissioned me to develop and manage a website.

“Although we have some material, if this is going to become, as the committee hopes, a valuable source of information regarding all things Woodcock Hill it would be really useful to receive further relevant information that anyone might have, including memories or pictures.”

To learn more about the history of the hill and to leave your memories visit www.woodcockhill.org.uk