A CLASSICAL music evening went down a storm yesterday evening despite going through rough waters in the build up.

The 3 Divas show was thrown into crisis when Soprano and key organiser Adria Jackson had to leave the country with her pastor husband after their working visa ran out at the end of August.

Borehamwood & Elstree Twin Town Association (BETTA) pulled together and with Mrs Jackson helping from her native Canada, the show went ahead and resulted in huge acclaim from the audience.

“Everybody was amazed by it,” said organiser and BETTA chairman, Martine Eni, after the show at Allum Hall, in Allum Lane, Elstree.

“They didn't expect this level of entertainment in Borehamwood and everything looked fantastic.

“People were very happy and they have been sending me through their congratulations.”

More than 160 people were in the audience to see the performances of soprano Joanna Raworth, mezzo soprano Samantha Rice, New Zealand harpist Robin Ward, and pianist Derek Holland, who helped organise the musical arrangement of the Borehamwood Brass Band.

And Mrs Eni said it was down to the hard work of everyone involved that ensured the evening went ahead following the news Mr and Mrs Jackson had to leave the UK.

“It was a bit of a nightmare but because of all the help it all went very well in the end,” said Mrs Eni.

“I was proud to see the association putting this show on.

“The public didn't see any difference to the performance and they got a show above the average.”

BETTA, which is twinned with Fontenay-aux-Roses on the outskirts of Paris and Offenburg in south-west Germany near Strasbourg, aims to support exchanges between pupils, students, sporting, musical and arts groups.

Councillor Pat Strack, Elstree and Borehamwood town mayor said the association has done a lot of good work and added Wednesday's show was “absolutely amazing”.

She said: “It was very professional. There was a very high standard considering it these people are volunteers or amateurs.

“What I was heartened to see was the engagement of the community, with so many people from different groups and societies.

“We have a very diverse community and people from all walks of life came along to the event.”

She was also concerned to hear of the circumstances surrounding departure of Mrs Jacksons, who had been working with her husband at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, in St Paul’s Close, Borehamwood.

Mrs Strack said: “It saddens me that people who put time and effort into the improving the community can be whisked away at the drop of a hat.”