A burst water main and traffic accident in Elstree's Allum Lane cased hold-ups stretching back down Shenley Road and Watling Street on Tuesday.

As repair work was being carried out, near the junction with Deacon's Hill Road, a 24-year-old man suffered head injuries when he was knocked over by a car as he crossed Allum Lane, close to temporary traffic lights set up to regulate traffic, at around 7.45am.

The man, from Borehamwood, was hit by a car as it emerged from the petrol station, and was taken to Barnet Hospital, with cuts and bruises, and was released after having eight stitches in his head.

A nine-inch split appeared in the water pipe, at the junction of Allum Lane and Deacon's Hill Road, at about 1am on Tuesday, causing damage to the road.

Water company Three Valleys Water shut the side of the carriageway, next to the petrol station, and traffic was regulated by temporary lights.

A Three Valleys spokeswoman said, as repair work was being carried out: "We have had a few customers affected by low pressure, but everybody has still got water."