The familiar story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has moved to north London in this production by the choir of Hendon St Mary’s Church and children from schools in and around Hendon.

Snow White, Princess of the Kingdom of Hendonia, is a feisty lass who likes to climb trees and has a rather noisy laugh.

She’s a happy-go-lucky girl until her father, King Godfrey, marries Baroness Deliria Bridezilla of Gold-digger’s Green.

The new Queen is determined not to be outshone by her stepdaughter, and will go to any lengths to be the fairest in north-west Londinium.

The show’s scriptwriter Rosie Fiore, whose previous jobs have included writing for Sesame Street in her native South Africa, says: “The thing about panto is it’s supposed to be topical and local. I wanted this to be something people could bring their kids to.”

The 30-strong cast will sing lively original music, dally with custard cream pies and manipulate Avenue Q-style puppets to play the seven dwarves.

Ms Fiore says: “Making the puppets has been an ongoing workshop labour of love. We’ve burnt our fingers on glue-guns and stuck ourselves with needles and learnt the hard way.”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is on at St Mary’s CofE High School, in Downage, Hendon, on Saturday, January 31, at 2pm and 7pm.

Tickets cost £7 (concessions £4) and are available from the box office on 020 8346 3994.