I was one of the 189 supporters who watched Boreham Wood FC beat Purfleet 1-0 last Saturday.

If one reads the comments which were made in the programme by the chairman, Danny Hunter, one wonders how much longer it will be before the closure or merger of Boreham Wood FC Boreham Wood-Enfield-Hendon FC? It is clear that, despite everything Danny Hunter has tried, ground improvements, youth policy and subsidised away travel, the people of Borehamwood are just not interested.

Paraphrasing Danny, he said you only miss something when it is gone.

Perhaps there is still time to rally around and support an excellent team playing attractive football. However, the signs are looking very ominous, and time is running out.

As Danny would say Borehamwood, it's over to you!

R Price,

Heath Lodge,