During the late 1920s horses could be seen pulling carts full of coal down Borehamwood's Drayton Road on their way to the Challenge Rubber Works.

The rubber factory was opened on a four-acre site at the south west corner of Drayton Road, known as the Challenge Works, in 1924.

A regular supply of coal was required to produce steam, which was used in the making of a range of products, including rubber shoes for police horses.

The firm, which employed around 30 people, was mainly involved in manufacturing sealing rings for the Victaulic Company's flexible pipe joints.

Day trips were organised each year for the staff at Challenge Rubber Works, pictured above, and parties were hosted for their children.

Victaulic actually took over the premises in 1947, and 13 years later it was occupied by the photocopy company Rank Xerox. The building was knocked down to make way for houses in Martins Walk.