Former school-teacher Rose Cottle, from Borehamwood's Cardinal Avenue, celebrated her 101st birthday in style with a ride on the London Eye last week.

Miss Cottle had wanted to ride on the wheel since January, and her friends Monica Law, Tim Simpson, Dr Ann Goddard and Nick Franklin were happy to make her wish come true.

"She really, really enjoyed it. The day was a complete, 100 per cent, totally wonderful success,” said Dr Goddard, who became friends with Miss Cottle during the 17 years in which she was a resident at Elstree Manor, a home for retired teachers.

"She's a marvellous lady, and she's still a force to be reckoned with," said Dr Goddard, adding: "It's nice to feel that life doesn't end because you're aged 100. She's having a wonderful quality of life."

Monica Law said she had enjoyed the trip as much as Miss Cottle: "She had been looking forward to it for a long time.

“We all went back to her house afterwards and had some lunch, but I think she was becoming rather tired by then.

“In fact, we all were."

Tim Simpson, who used to work at Elstree Manor, helped by pushing Miss Cottle's wheelchair, and the taxi company ABA Diamonds provided a Mercedes for the trip to London, with chauffeur Nick Franklin forcing his way through the city's gridlocked traffic to get her there on time.