I am totally appalled by the way in which an outstanding feature of Borehamwood is being outrageously abused by a mindless element of faceless, idiotic, uneducated oiks. I refer to the lakes in Brook Road.

During an inspection last Friday, I counted three supermarket shopping trolleys dumped in the water, a bicycle, numerous tin cans and plastic bags. I am also reliably informed that video recorders and other unwanted household items have also been seen.

Everyone should now that there is an excellent household waste site in Allum Lane, which is open seven days a week. But this is not the issue: the lake is a habitat for wildlife, birds, ducks, swans etc., not oiks! Several calls have been made to the RSPCA recently regarding the plight of some of the mud-covered ducks and ducklings, caused by the top lake having to be drained because the bridge was found to be collapsing. A new one is being installed and all this is for the pleasure and safety of the Borehamwood residents. In addition, a band of reeds will be planted which will help trap pollution, silt and floating rubbish.

There has been perpetual vandalism along this feature. Recently a Hertsmere officer discovered that all the bolts had been removed from one of the two wooden bridges. This could have caused a fatal accident to any man, woman or child using the bridge.

Hertsmere Borough Council is a very caring organisation and tries hard to look after its citizens, the vast majority of whom are very appreciative and totally law-abiding. The culprits of the lakes must be known, and should be reported, as must the bus shelter destroyers.

Please help us at Hertsmere to maintain these pleasures for everyone.

Councillor Rodney Saunders,

Shenley Ward,

Hertsmere Borough Council.