Hertsmere MP James Clappison brought parliamentary life alive for a group of Borehamwood school children last week.

Pupils at Furzehill Middle School were told about the Conservative MP's meetings with Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Queen.

Mr Clappison said he enjoyed being an MP and explained how the democratic system worked. He faced an inquisitive audience, when he spoke last Fridaymarch 16, and the pupils asked about his pay, whether he had always been an MP and women MPs.

Mr Clappison said he had been a lawyer for 10 years, adding: "Being an MP is a bit like being a lawyer because you are representing people. But, instead of representing one person, you are representing an area, a constituency."

He also said of the commons tea room: "Some MPs like the tea room more than others.

"Tony Blair does not go there that often. John Smith (the former Labour Party leader) liked the tea room he used to go in there a lot.

"Mrs Thatcher went into the tea room from time to time, but I think people were a little bit afraid of her and when she went in everybody else went out."

After the talk, he said: "They were a really good audience and there were lots of good questions."

Headteacher Phil Fryer said: "I think it is important for children to know they are part of a local community."