With reference to the letter about pensions by George Soutar, published in the February 22 edition of the Borehamwood & Elstree Times.

Like me, I am sure he would agree that those who serve the nation are entitled to receive adequate remuneration: particularly members of parliament, whom he refers to. They do, after all, have the unenviable job of running the country!

However, what can only be described as damn outrageous is that except for the honourable few the majority of those members have completely forgotten or ignored we who served the nation in its darkest hours.

I shall not belabour the point of the great sacrifices those of my generation were called upon to make during the years 1939 to 1945.

Once a year we are called upon to wear our medals and parade before the media, whilst the wealth of the nation is put on hold for two minutes. Then amnesia sets in! Lest weforget? Indeed, they shall not grow old as we who are left, etc. Nor will they suffer the indignity of means tests to prove their need?

Mr Soutar declares he will decide when he is in the polling booth before making his cross. Many pensioners have already done so. No restoration of the link between pensions and earnings then no vote.

Bert Carnall,

Beech Drive,