I am sorry that Mr Todd, in his letter published in the February 8 edition of the Borehamwood & Elstree Times, would not welcome a new and better library in Borehamwood.

The existing one, much loved and used as it is, is at least 25 per cent under size for a town the size of Borehamwood. It is a pity Hertsmere Conservatives dumped the new theatre, but I ask Mr Todd to open his eyes to what has been achieved at the new Venue and swimming pool.

In comparison, the adjacent buildings in Elstree Way now look tired. Would it not be good to have a new family centre, health centre, fire and ambulance station, youth centre and police station, either in Elstree Way or elsewhere in the town?

Of course they have to be paid for, and none will happen overnight. If the cost is giving up some publicly owned land in Elstree Way for improvements in facilities, it might be worth it. The pros and cons have to be weighed up by the community. I hope that Mr Todd will participate, but not prejudge issues or condemn councillors, who are trying to bring better facilities for all who live and work in Borehamwood.

Brian York

County Councillor for Elstree